To everyone who thinks of David
together with us!

Exactly one year ago, David stood on top of Lunag Ri. We deliberately chose this day to share a few thoughts.

Retrospectively, the project Lunag Ri was in various aspects a special one. On the one hand, it showed David’s persistence when it came to reaching personal goals. On the other hand, for us it felt like over the years trying Lunag Ri David found his connection to Nepal. A connection, which genetically existed from the day he was born. A connection where it was always important for him to find his individual approach to deal with it.

The last months since the tragic incidence in Canada passed by quickly. The grief was accompanied by numerous beautiful memories, newly gained connections to people from David’s surrounding, and thoughts about how we can create a memento for the future.

To intensively accompany David, our only child, and support his talent felt not only like a matter of course, but retrospectively it feels like a gift.

Only little by little we get a sense of all that engaged and touched David. It fills us parents with pride, how much he experienced in his short life. At the same time it makes us sad to see what he had planned for the upcoming years all of which will remain unfinished due to his early death.

We cannot climb mountains for him, however in his will we will try to implement some of his thoughts and make accessible those materials that were intended to be published.

In this sense, we would like to share impressions from David’s memorial for everyone who couldn’t be part of it in July. This day meant a lot to us and was an important part in processing what happened.

Claudia & Rinzi Lama

Room for thoughts

Thank you