Fußstein Northridge

The Nordridge of the 3380 meters counting Fußstein is one of the alpine classics in Austria. Together with Jorg Verhoeven and Daniel Steuerer David climbed the route at the 5th of November. David reports:

Jorg, Daniel and I meet at the 4th of October to talk about our plans. While Jorg suggests the Diagonale at the Schrammacher and I am thinking about the Schrammacher-Northface, Daniel and Katha do not think we will ever find an agreement but at the end we decide to climb the Fußstein Northridge. We start along the Brenner-Highway to Valservalley. I am the driver, Daniel is my shotgun and Jorg, as a backbencher is complaining about my way of driving. Without causing an accident we reach our target, take our rucksacks and start to the Geraer Hütte.
When we reach the hut it is already getting dark and we need our headlamps. We cook some water, drink tea, eat chocolate, play cards and set our alarm clocks for getting up early the next day. At half past four in the morning we start. It is freezing cold outside, an unpleasant wind is blowing and it is raining. Although we knew that the weather would be bad, we hoped there will be snow instead of rain. Nevertheless we walk on, cross a few moraines at the glacier and reach the entrance of the climbing route. I climb the first passage, Jorg the following two. The wall is really slippery, the rocks are wet and it is still raining. Getting higher and higher it starts to snow, but we are already soaked to the skin. If rappelling would have been easier we would have done it. But after a few hours we reach the summit. We feel really tired, are wet and our feet are really cold. Nevertheless we feel really proud and happy!

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