Pan Aroma, 8c Cima Ovest

Just about a year ago I climbed Alex Huber's route „Bellavista“. Starting with five sophisticated pitches the route proceeds towards the left part of the big roof of the Cima Ovest. Beside the „Bellavista“-route, Alex created a second one, „Pan Aroma“, in 2007.

At the 29th of June I made my way to the Dolomites together with Mark Amann. Around eleven o' clock we reached the start of the route. Alternately we climbed the first few pitches to the big roof. Then it started getting more difficult. About ten metres were similar to „Bellavista“ but then the unfamiliar parts set in. The distances between the bolts got larger and the line is extremely exposed.

I managed to climb the 8b+ in my first try. Afterwards I rappeled down to Mark. Then also Mark tried the route on lead. He took a few falls but managed to get to the belay. Alex graded the next pitch 8c. It is the final crux. At first I checked out all the moves and then climbed it on my second attempt. Also Mark gave it a go. Then we rappeled down and abandoned the downleading pitches I climbed the year before, resembling one big waterfall...

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