Another attempt

For past three weeks it been mostly bad weather in Patagonia and David and Daniel were not able to get any higher on the Cerro Torre. The last attempt the two carried out on the 28.12.2009...

« We left El Chalten at midnight and arrived at „Nipo Nino“ – our first camp – right after sunrise. After a short break we kept hiking up towards the shoulder, where the actual climb starts. The snow, that fell during the last period of bad weather made it almost impossible to move. Most of the time there was snow up to our knees and sometimes even to our hips and we were breaking trail for about 4 hours, to get to the start of the climb up to the col. At about 6pm I stood on top of the shoulder, but unfortunetly all of  our climbing gear, that we left in the bergschrund was covered by a couple of meters of snow. We had no choice except hike down to Nipo Nino for another 3 hours and spend the night there. The next morning we could already see the bad weather come in and so we headed back to El Chalten. »

Since their last attempt David and Daniel are stuck in El Chalten due to the strong winds and the generally harsh weather and at the moment it seems like this won’t change in the next few days.

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