Cerro Torre – A snowball’s chance in hell

This mountain was going to change my life. That was not clear to me when I first saw the wrinkly photo of the headwall of Cerro Torre while visiting the Cochamo Valley in 2008. This moment initiated an idea which would forever link me to Cerro Torre. Not only because the vision of freeclimbing this beautiful peak would be more than I could chew, but also because of the movie production that was planned to accompany my attempt. I didn’t expect how much the combination of the two would define me as an alpinist as well as a person.

Cerro Torre was not only to be a kind teacher letting me find my ideals and identity as an alpinist: Over the course of five years, a quarter of my life, I would search, and on the way to success face a number of debacles I hadn’t experienced before. What began as a once in a lifetime opportunity, temporarily became a disaster causing major damage to my reputation as a climber. Neither on purpose nor ungrounded. It was a challenge that required and at the same time triggered a learning process. I had to learn how to be patient, until I was ready for the adventure I had gotten myself into.

In January 2012, my dream came true as I was able to realize the first free ascent of Cerro Torre, but it wasn’t until in late September 2013 that the documentation of my adventure, “Cerro Torre - Not a snowballs chance in hell”, had its world premiere at the San Sebastian Film Festival in front of 3000 enthusiastic people. The screening in El Chalten a couple weeks ago was another highlight: Bringing the movie “home” was a very emotional moment, and besides the fantastic feedback, it was a pleasure to see how much the locals in Patagonia enjoyed seeing “their” mountains in such light.

Cerro Torre Filmpremiere

With the cinema release of the movie just ahead the last chapter of the project is about to unfold. It marks the end of a long journey, which challenged me and made me grow. It shows me and the project in a way so true as I had never dreamed it would, and I am really happy that the movie now gets the stage it deserves. I am so grateful to everyone involved for the passion put into this project. I’m very happy with the way the story is told and thankful for the dedication and hard work that was devoted till the very end.

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