News from El Chalten

The weather in Patagonia is bad since almost one and a half month, and David and Daniel’s project to free climb the Compressorroute is not making any progress. It’s especially the strong wind that makes climbing the Cerro Torre impossible at the time. But these two aren’t idle …

“Aside from fishing with Toni Ponholzer and his climbing partners and slacklining over the Chorillo de Salto (a 50m high waterfall), there is also enough time for bouldering and route climbing. About a week ago, Daniel and I managed to do the first ascent of a multipitchroute close to El Chalten. The rock there is pretty bad and we don’t recommend it. Another project I still didn’t get to is to climb a 15m route with the only protection being a few friends and nuts.”

When asked about spirits and motivation, David said:

“Of course it’s hard to stay motivated with this long spell of bad weather, but both Daniel and I know that we only need about three to four days of good climbing conditions to make some real progress. Today I saw the Torre for the first time in a month, and it was completely white, but according to the forecasts, there could be better weather starting soon.”

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