Wings for Life WorldRun Verona

Three years ago, a seemingly usual afternoon almost changed my life dramatically. It did not happen in extreme conditions in the mountains, but in the middle of another supposedly safe session on a sport climbing crag. I am only 6 metres above the ground when a hold breaks and I fall totally unprepared. Everything goes really fast. Next thing I know, I find myself hanging in the rope. My fall is stopped just twenty centimeters shy of the rocky ground while my back grazed the iron ropes of a cordon just in between two iron posts, which could have literally stabbed my spinal cord. I was unharmed. No sprained ankle, no scratches, nothing – but a lot of good fortune.

Even though I always try hard to reduce the risk of any of my undertakings as much as possible, I am aware of the following: Neither does every accident occur due to negligence, nor is good fortune inevitably based on skill. Fate doesn’t ask.Since that incident, I am involved in 'Wings for Life', an institution which has devoted itself on the goal of making paraplegia curable.

On May 4th, the 'Wings for Life World Run' takes place in 34 countries simultaneously. I’m by no means a passionate runner, yet the great cause 'Running for those who can´t' motivates me to join this unique event in Verona. Together with Ötztaler Reisen I hope to fill one tour bus full of motivated runners to join me.

Join me to run for those who can´t

When May 4th
What Joint travel to Verona with the tour bus by ´Ötztaler-Reisen´
Boarding Times/Locations:
5.30 am | Ötztaler Train Station
6.00 am | Parking Lot ´Hausberger´ Anton Eder Straße
7.30 am | Bus station ´Bozen Mitte´
7.00 pm | (approx.) depart from Verona

€ 40,00 Application fee (100% of fee goes directly to spinal cord research)
€ 20,00 Contribution towards expenses (Tour bus and extra € 5,00 for ´Wings for Life´)

How can I apply?
Write to to apply for both the joint travel by bus and for the ´Wings for Life World Run Verona´. If you are already registered for the run in Verona, you are welcome to join us for the travel only. Be aware that there are only 30 seats available.

MANAGEMENTFlorian KlinglerSchillerstraße 13
6020 Innsbruck – Austria
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